Legal Paperwork Assistance

Should you only require assistance with the mandatory paperwork, we offer the following service which is tailored to your personal status, country of residence.

Legal Paperwork Assistance Only  

  • Booking of the wedding date & venue
  • Booking of the mandatory admin visit
  • Step to Step plan outlining the various procedures & legal matters according your personal status and country of residence
  • Wedding License
  • Statutory Declarations from the Larnaka, Limassol or Paphos District Court (if applicable)
  • Meeting you at the district court/town hall for the presentation of your documents
  • Presence during the wedding ceremony
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Two certified copies
  • Arranging witnesses if required
  • Thoroughly checking your required papers prior to your arrival
  • Legalization(s) of the marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Assistance at the mandatory registration at your own embassy/embassies if applicable

Note: In the event, based upon your nationality and/or residency, additional post wedding procedures may apply.
Extra costs such as legalization fees and transportation come in effect.