Foreign Residents residing e.g. in Bahrain-Kuwait-Oman-Qatar-UAE

For the many worldwide nationals residing in one of the Arabian Peninsula countries different procedures, additional documents & conditions apply.

Cyprus Wedding Celebrations has been assisting many couples with these mandatory  legalities to ensure their paperwork is accepted at the time of the wedding license application in Cyprus.
Couples are never left on their own at the time of the marriage certificate legalization(s).
For some, 
the registration of their marriage certificate with their own embassy is a must and we will personally take you there.

Therefore, each package is tailored according those many aspects.

We will be with you all the way!

Weddings on short notice are possible. 
However, we do advise to inquire with us as soon as you have decided to get married in Cyprus. 

This in order for you to start obtaining the necessary documents which may have to come from your native country and therefore could be time consuming.

UAE Residents to marry in Cyprus