Is it not your hotel, then it may be a local taverna, a cosy restaurant, a village taverna, a museum, a beach front restaurant for your cocktail reception, wedding breakfast and evening festivities.

Cyprus boasts numerous restaurants and tavernas to choose from for your reception and further festivities. The establishments offer local and international cuisine such as Polynesian, Italian, Argentine, Greek, Cypriot, French, Vietnamese and so on.

Should you opt for the celebrations to take place at your villa accommodation, imagine to have your own restaurant!
Cyprus Wedding Celebrations collaborate with one of the top caterers on the island known for their quality & service. They take care of each and every detail from tables to linen, drinks to decoration, all according your theme.
Your own chosen set menu or buffet is prepared on the spot by the Chef.

Village Venue On Location Catering Dinner by the Sea

Another option is to jump on the traditional village bus and head towards a mountain village.
Not only will you enjoy the scenery and the honest Cypriot dishes, you will spend the day away from the crowds and humidity with your family & friends without any interruptions.